Concussion Information

WIAA Rules

Wisconsin law requires all youth athletic organizations to educate coaches, student-athletes and parents on the risks of concussions and prohibits participation in a youth activity until a parent or guardian has returned a signed information sheet indicating they have reviewed the materials. In addition, the state Department of Public Instruction, with assistance from the WIAA, was directed to develop guidelines and other information to educate coaches, athletes and parents about the risk of concussions and head injuries in all youth sports, including club sports.

What do SC Coaches, Parent Rep’s and Officials need to do?

• Distribute the WIAA Concussion information sheet to each athlete and their parents.

• Obtain the WIAA Signed Acknowledgement form for each athlete. As with our Release forms no one can race without this form signed and returned to the Southern Conference.

• If you suspect a skier/boarder has sustained a concussion remove them from the race or practice.

• The athlete must obtain a release from a health care provider prior to returning to train or race.

• Coaches, Assistant Coaches, Officials should become familiar with the signs of a concussion and sign the “Coaches Agreement” prior to the start of the season.


1. Most schools should have baseline testing available to athletes at no cost to the athlete. Check with your Athletic Director to see if your school has a baseline testing program for your team.

2. Most Health Care organizations are also embracing this issue and will provide baseline testing for students. Have your athletes check with their health care provider for such a test. Typically they are free for students.